We strive to deliver high performance building projects within conventional budgets and tight schedules using a "Whole-building Integrative Design Process" that unites client, designers, and builders as a single team working in close creative collaboration. The outcome is your high performance building delivered on time, on budget and with exceptional service.


Our Clients

Our Success Story and Satisfied Clients

“The experience brought by Vincent Pieri and his team was a key factor in the success of this building.”

SARTORIUS Iván Cruz, Project Manager, Sartorius Puerto Rico

“The nature of the project’s success is in how well the client needs are integrated into the project. This was achieved through a high level of communication, collaboration, and teamwork between Sartorius, Pieri Architects and the contractors.”

SARTORIUS Efraín Rodríguez, Director of Operations, Sartorius Puerto Rico

“The store is gorgeous. It’s ablsolutely beautiful; its different than any one of the stores that we have here in Puerto Rico.”

Starbucks Cheryl Harvey, Former General Manager Starbucks Puerto Rico

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our mission:

"We sustain our working experience on facing new challenges that most people believe they can't be resolved. We are design pioneers on ecological architecture in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean Region. Our team has designed or collaborated on important LEED certified projects. Sustainable design is embedded in our team’s work ethic, and we apply energy and environmental design criteria to each project, enabling our clients to identify opportunities to optimize energy efficiency, obtain LEED certification or pursue other sustainability opportunities depending on their organization’s goals.

We endeavor to go beyond just being good at our jobs to solve problems with practical solutions, searching for opportunities to reach the project’s true potential. Our commitment goes beyond a single project. We seek to build long-term, high-quality client relationships, acting as a trusted advisor who can successfully guide them through the process to meet new challenges. Our team shares these fundamental beliefs:

  • In the positive, transformative power of great architecture to help regenerate our communities and our economy, now and into the future.
  • That the definition of “sustainable design” must reach beyond the energy and environmental design techniques of the day to embrace the defining essence of an idea or culture, and hold it intact over generations.
  • That high-performance green building projects can be successfully delivered within conventional budgets and tight schedules through an integrative process that unites client, designers, and builders as an interdisciplinary team working in close creative collaboration."
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What do we offer?


  • Architectural Service
  • Pre-Design and Discovery
  • Design
  • Construction & permit documents
  • Construction contract administration
  • Integrated Project Delivery team facilitation
  • LEED Project Design Guidance and Certification Administration
  • Existing Building
  • Energy and Water Audit
  • Deep Energy Retrofit Services
  • Facilities Improvement Planning


Architect-Led Integrated Project Delivery. While this may sound fancy, it's not. All it means is that you hire Pieri Architects as your architect, and then we put together the best design and construction team for your project. This integrated team is assembled early on in the process and coordinated by your dedicated project manager. Our integrated delivery avoids problems with traditional delivery methods by bringing the contractor (and the rest of the design team) onto the project early so the design can be carefully worked out to meet the budget.

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Latest news

Pieri Architects Work Plan During the COVID-19 Curfew

To all of our clients, partners, and friends: I am writing today to inform you that the Pieri Architects team will be working remotely from our homes during the two-week public health curfew executed by the Government of Puerto Rico to curb the spread of the Covid-19 virus. We will be able to perform most […]

We are on the Move: Introducing our New Office Locations!

We are excited to announce that we are providing services in two new locations, Guaynabo, Puerto Rico and West Palm Beach, Florida. We will open the doors of our new Pieri Architects headquarter office to our friends and clients on May 29,2018, in Guaynabo, Puerto Rico. We’ve moved our previous location into a new custom […]

PIERI ARCHITECTS PROJECTS: Sartorius Stedim Campus Expansion in Yauco, Puerto Rico Under Construction

The Expansion of the Sartorius Stedim Biotech Campus facilities designed by Pieri Architects is under construction and is set to be complete by July 2018. The 320,000 SF Expansion is part of a 40-acre campus Master Plan that includes a 540-car employee surface parking area that uses open-grid paving, a 240,000SF FMT Operations Expansion, and an […]