PIERI ARCHITECTS PROJECTS: Sartorius Stedim Campus Expansion in Yauco, Puerto Rico Under Construction

The Expansion of the Sartorius Stedim Biotech Campus facilities designed by Pieri Architects is under construction and is set to be complete by July 2018. The 320,000 SF Expansion is part of a 40-acre campus Master Plan that includes a 540-car employee surface parking area that uses open-grid paving, a 240,000SF FMT Operations Expansion, and an 80,000 SF FT Membrane and Casting manufacturing facility. The site landscaping plan will plant over 1,200 trees to mitigate the trees lost during construction. The buildings, systems, and site are designed to meet all LEED standards. For more information on the design of this project, you can access our page:    Sartorius Stedim Campus Expansion

The sustainable design challenge for this project was to apply the strategies, standards, and metrics used to achieve a LEED Platinum certification for the adjacent Sartorius Stedim ECO facility completed in 2012 and  designed by PIERI ARCHITECTS.  The ECO building was the first biopharmaceutical manufacturing facility to achieve a LEED Platinum-certification. For more information please follow this link: Sartorius Stedim Filters Facilities-LEED Platinum

Here is a Glimpse of  Sartorius Stedim Campus Expansion under construction. You can click on the image gallery to see the enlarged images.