McNeil Healthcare (LEED Certified, Existing Building, 2.0)

First LEED Certified pharmaceutical cGMP facility in the world | First LEED Certified Existing Building project in Puerto Rico | Second LEED Certified building in Puerto Rico. Energy  savings to McNeil are of approximately $7,200,000 per year.

Las Piedras, Puerto Rico

Owner: McNeill Consumer Healthcare, LLC.

Energy and environmental design strategies incorporated: 29% energy intensity reduction; 55% water savings; 16-acre conservation area; storm water mitigation; REC credits; continuous commissioning; comprehensive operations recycling; green cleaning policy; environmentally-preferable purchasing policy; continuous indoor air quality management.

The combined energy conservation measures incorporated during the LEED certification process to the manufacturing and building systems reduced the overall energy consumed per unit of production by 29% - a savings to McNeil of approximately $7,200,000 per year

Energy and environmental design strategies incorporated:

Energy intensity reduction
Water savings